Forescate tennis, Voorschoten
Forescate doubles tennis, Voorschoten
Your Life squash, Voorschoten
Qravel tennis, Leiden
SportCity Leiden squash
Rozenstein golf, Wassenaar
TC Unicum tennis, Leiden
TV de Rijnkanters tennis, Rijnsburg
LTC de Munnik tennis, Leiderdorp
LTV de Merenwijk tennis, Leiden
SportCity Leiderdorp squash
Squash Dekker Warmond
TV Dekker Tennis, Warmond
Kagerzoom golf, Warmond
De Leyens squash, Zoetermeer
TC Park Marlot tennis, Wassenaar
Tennispark Oosthout padel, Voorhout
VLTC Sobri tennis, Voorburg
SV Leidschenveen tennis, Den Haag
Westvliet squash, Den Haag
HSRC de Diepput squash, Den Haag
Sassenheimse TV tennis
NIJC Gevers tennis, Noordwijk
Azzurro squash, Noordwijk
TV Dekker Rokkeveen tennis, Zoetermeer
HLTC de Metselaars tennis, Den Haag

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SportconneXions organizes matches between members of a club. Every 2 weeks we connect players based on their ranking, match results and availability. The first club ladder started in 2012 and we currently organise thousands of fun matches each week for hundreds of clubs.