Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Sportconnexions expects that in 2021 more than 2500 Dutch golfers will play around 35.000 matches on 45 golf ladders in the Netherlands. This is a significant increase compared to the previous years, partly because of Corona, but also fuelled by a growing group of golfers that enjoy match play games at their own club, at their own time.

Patty Smit, Golfcentrum Roosendaal: "The golf ladder is suited for all levels, low and high handicap players. Players set their own frequency and when they like to play, the system automatically connects them with members of their level. So the threshold is low, members easily connect and this creates a bond with the club."

Martijn Witteveen, Westfriese Golfclub: "We started last year with fifty participants, this year we expect more than a hundred participants. The competitie element helps players to improve their level during the season while meeting new people. It's a great tool for golf players of all levels."