Monday, November 22, 2021

The first edition of the Padel Grand Final is finished! The best padel teams from all over The Netherlands have competed for a nice padel trip to Spain/Portugal, arranged by Are you curious about the extensive offer of at home and abroad please visit

The winners of the two Padel Grand Finals 2021 can be found below, click here for the 'aftermovie'.

Schiedam - men: TV Dijkzicht
The men's final in Schiedam was won by Jasper Smit and Peter Tol of TV Dijkzicht, with runners-up Ruben Oberink and Rik ter Braaken of Metzpoint. You can find all match results here.

Schiedam - ladies: ZTC Shot
The ladies final in Schiedam was won by Stephanie Gomperts and Marjon Copier of ZTC Shot, with runners-up Nicole de Lange and Brigitte Pluijmers of TPC Daalmeer. You can find all match results here.

Zwolle - men: TC Uitgeest
The men's final in Zwolle was won by Hidde Spinder and Hans Schram of TC Uitgeest, with runners-up Tommy Wurtz and Mick Wurtz of UTPV. You can find all match results here.

Zwolle - ladies: Metzpoint
The ladies final in Zwolle was won by Lotte in 't Ven and Eef van den Boom of Metzpoint, with runners-up Serena Droog and Stephanie Schreuder of Elckerlyc. You can find all match results here.

Participating clubs
TC Alkmaar, TV Badhoevedorp, TV Bennebroek, Padelclub Bussum, TC Capelle, TPC Colmschate, TPC Daalmeer, LTC Dalen, TV Dijkzicht, TV Doesburg, De Doordraaiers, TPC Heiloo, Hoenderdaal, Sportclub Houten, TV Huissen, LTC de Klinkaert, Krommenie LTV, Metzpoint, Meppeler LTC, MLTV'90, TP de Oude Eik, SC Oudenrijn, Padel Dam, Padel Hoorn, Padel33, GTV Ready, Shot Zeist, De Sluipers, TV Strokel, LTC Triomf, TC Uitgeest, TPC Unicum, PC Victoria and TC de Weide.

Grand Final 2022
At some clubs we have already started the winter season, at others we will start the summer season again in April. Join the club ladder and who knows, you and your partner might be playing at the Padel Grand Final 2022!