Friday, February 26, 2021

Spectacular final days in November with as main prize an all-inclusive padel trip to Spain or Portugal and many other nice advantages for the participants in the popular padel ladder. This is the outcome of a new cooperation between the Sportconnexions and

Jos Langeland, padel specialist at, expects a lot from the cooperation. "I have good experiences with the padel ladder at our local club. We also organize a final day at the end of the ladder season. Together with Sportconnexions we are now going to roll out this big event at a number of beautiful indoor locations for all participating clubs.

"Through our cooperation we can offer padel players a nice final at more than 60 clubs in the Netherlands. This makes playing the padel ladder even more fun, also for the better teams", says Robert Fransdonk, owner of Sportconnexions.

The final days will be held in the first two weekends of November. There is room for 32 men's doubles and 16 women's doubles at each location. The confirmed locations are Zwolle and Schiedam. The number 1 teams of clubladders with 15 teams or more will receive an invitation. If availability allows, additional teams will receive an invitation.