Whether you are an experienced player or just starting out: With ClubLadder at Tie-Breakers, Amsterdam you quickly play fun matches at your level!

  1. Select a league and sign up. You get your first match email within two weeks.
  2. You and your opponent choose a time and book the court.
  3. You play the match and register the score.
Free for members of Tie-Breakers!

Rounds and seasons

Every two weeks you receive a new match. When you are busy or injured you can skip rounds. You can stop and start any time during the season.

Game rules

Je speelt zolang je de baan hebt gereserveerd en telt het aantal gewonnen games. Baan reserveren tot 18:00 kan met de KNLTB clubapp, na 18:00 alleen op het clubhuis.
You switch positions if you win against someone that is ranked higher.

At your level
When you want
As often as you want