Every year is divided into seasons. At the end of each season, we congratulate the best and most dedicated players with their accomplishments. The top 3 players are also added to the 'Hall of Fame', a historic overview of previous winners.

For outdoor sportclubs we divide the year in two seasons: A summer season (April - October) and a winter season (October - March). Clubs usually skip the winter season because the sportclub is not open or because players prefer to only play during the summer.

For indoor sportclubs we divide the year in three seasons: A fall season (September - December), a spring season (January - May) and an optional summer season (June - August). Clubs usually skip the summer season because insufficient players are available.

The start and end dates for the seasons of the current and next year are:


  • Vinter 2022, 9 rounds: mandag 17. oktober 2022 - søndag 26. mars 2023
  • Sommer 2023, 13 rounds: mandag 3. april 2023 - søndag 8. oktober 2023
  • Vinter 2023, 9 rounds: mandag 16. oktober 2023 - søndag 24. mars 2024